2017 Submissions

Redemption Day Solo Instrument Song
Here Comes The Rain Again Experimental Song
Good Morning Sunshine Experimental Song
My Redeemer Lives Indie Song
TheStoneWasRolledAway Experimental Song
God Is Love And God Loves You Solo Instrument Song
No More Goodbyes Miscellaneous Song
Presence Of The Lord Miscellaneous Song
Stronger Than Nails Miscellaneous Song
Eternal Son Solo Instrument Song
Dream Again Experimental Song
If the bottle cant kill me then the woman will Blues Song
Mr. Ripley Experimental Song
Blue Eyes Experimental Song
The Sod Buster Experimental Song
Eyes Of Fire Experimental Song
My Fair Lady Experimental Song
Mansion In The Sky Experimental Song
The Gospel Miscellaneous Song
Open Casket General Rock Song
He Walks With Me Miscellaneous Song
I Saw The Light Country Song
Bungalow Blues Blues Song
Angel Of Mercy Experimental Song
1000 Years Miscellaneous Song
Saints On Fire Indie Song

2015 Submissions

The Homeless Man Miscellaneous Song
Ain't No Stoppin Now Miscellaneous Song
Hold Me Now Experimental Song
Ancient Of Days Experimental Song
In My Heart Experimental Song
My Last Haircut Experimental Song
Great Is The Lord Miscellaneous Song
Rock And Roll Miscellaneous Song
Judgement Day Miscellaneous Song
Joe Dirt Miscellaneous Song
Giles And Lynn Indie Song
Sad Day Miscellaneous Song
The Caravan Motel Experimental Song
Jesus Died For You Miscellaneous Song
Brother India Experimental Song
All My Life Miscellaneous Song
All By Myself Experimental Song
Brother John Miscellaneous Song

2014 Submissions

Alpha And Omega Experimental Song
Rock Of Ages Experimental Song
Create In Me A Clean Heart Miscellaneous Song
It Is Well With My Soul Miscellaneous Song
We Were Young Miscellaneous Song
All Is Forgiven Experimental Song
Mama Tried Country Song
Heart Of Mine Miscellaneous Song
The Stand Miscellaneous Song
Highway To Heaven Experimental Song
Holy Roller Experimental Song
Yes Jesus Loves Me Experimental Song
The End Of The Age Experimental Song
Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus Miscellaneous Song
All We Need Is Love Experimental Song
Heart Of A Warrior Experimental Song
Ridin The Light Rail Experimental Song
Thinking Of You Country Song
Days Gone By Experimental Song
In The Beginning Experimental Song
The Return Of The King Experimental Song
Spring Rain Experimental Song
The Hobo Solo Instrument Song
Hello My Friend Solo Instrument Song
Beautiful Jesus Classical Song
The Man From Galilee Country Song
Pirate King Experimental Song
My Best Friend Miscellaneous Song
Only A Fools Heart Experimental Song
Hole In My Heart Experimental Song
Where Do I Belong Miscellaneous Song
City Of Truth Miscellaneous Song
Miracle Man Country Song
Sunshine Mary Miscellaneous Song
Suger Baby Country Song
Runnin On Empty Experimental Song
Wounded Heart Miscellaneous Song
Picken Up The Pieces Blues Song
Beyond The Clouds Country Song
Can Man Blues Song
You Never Leave Me Country Song
Preacher Man General Rock Song
Going Home Classic Rock Song
Forever Free Goth Song
John 3:16 World Song
Revolution In The Air Indie Song
King Of Sacramento Country Song
Suzie Experimental Song
Living For Jesus Classic Rock Song
Through The Night Miscellaneous Song
Leaving Sacramento Classic Rock Song
Be a Runnin be Free Indie Song
Queen Of Hearts Classical Song
Faithfull And True Classic Rock Song
Friends Of Mine Classic Rock Song
Resurrected Experimental Song
Son Of Righteousness Classical Song
Annie Oakley Classic Rock Song
Sky Eagle Experimental Song
Don't Cry For MeChristine Blues Song
Burning Heart Of Love Indie Song
Not Much Left to Say Country Song
Rock On Blues Song
Gypsy Joker Experimental Song
Sunshine Heaven Indie Song
Father Son Holy Spirit Classical Song
Biker Chick Classic Rock Song
Stacie Solo Instrument Song
Cary On Little Bird Classical Song
Don't Walk Away Experimental Song
Cherry Heights General Rock Song
If The Son Sets You Free Miscellaneous Song
Keep On Keepin On Blues Song
Alone But Not Forgotten Miscellaneous Song
Stranger In This Land Indie Song
If You Could Have Love Miscellaneous Song
Wasted Days Classic Rock Song
Lorie Lover Miscellaneous Song
Sacramento Saints Miscellaneous Song
JC and the Sunshine Band Classic Rock Song
Black Dog General Rock Song